Joint Parish Council 

Clifton Reynes & Newton Blossomville Joint Parish Council 

The villages of Clifton Reynes and Newton Blossomville lie within Milton Keynes

Borough and are managed by a Joint Parish Council.

Originally, Newton Blossomville had a Parish Meeting which is documented from

the year 1885.  The two village parishes combined to become a Joint Parish  

Council in 1972.

The Joint Parish Council has adopted the Milton Keynes Borough Code of Conduct,

Parishes Protocol and Parish Charter.

Parish Council meetings are usually held four times a year on the third Wednesday

of February, May, August and November in the Reading Room in Newton


There are allotments for use by members of both villages situated in Clifton

Reynes and a children's play area in Newton Blossomville.  Also in Newton

Blossomville there is a meeting room - The Reading Room for functions.


The Parish Council owns a Marquee which is available for rental to members of

either village.

Chair:                Mrs Alison Kent (CR)              01234 713207

Vicechair:           Mrs Margaret Watson (NB)     01234 881361

Councillor:          Mr William Finn-Kelcey (CR)     01234 713187

Councillor:          Mr Noel Sibbald (NB)              07973 612606  

Councillor:          Mr David Swanston (NB)         01234 888975

Clerk and RFO:    Mrs Heather Rodgers (CR)       01234 712303